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Storage Instructions


Our foil pouches for tablets and powder are made of PET/AL/PE laminate materials that comply with legislation for food contact. They offer an excellent barrier against moisture, vapour, gases and UV light and they keep the contents stable, fresh and dry. Once opened, use contents continuously until finished. These foil bags can be resealed - locate the easy-tear notches on the sides and tear; to re-seal, just press the two sides with the zip-lock seams together at the top. Keep pouches sealed at all times.


Our container tub for the powder and capsules are made from either glass or PTE plastic which also has ultraviolet inhibitors to prevent UV light from penetrating and damaging the contents. After each use, keep the container air tight so that no air gets to it. If you purchase tablets or powder in bulk, please ensure that you transfer the product in a sealing container, such a tupperware.

- Don't use wet hands when taking the tablets or capsules out of the tubs.
- Keep pouches and tubs stored in a cool, dry place away from humidity, strong smells and direct sunlight or light.
- Products do not need to be kept in a refrigerator.
- Stored properly, your nutritional supplements can likely retain stability for at least 2 years.

Enjoy your super green foods!