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Bestcare - Why Are The Archturus Special Formulations More Effective?

Why Are The Archturus Special Formulations More Effective?

Archturus believes that illness or non optimal body function is more likely to occur if the body is knocked out of homeostasis by lifestyle or environmental factors. To maintain health and vitality, the body regulates itself within certain parameters whatever the outside environment is. For instance, body temperature is optimal if it is kept constant. So when it goes into a cold environment, the body will conserve heat constricting the blood vessels nearer to the skin and directing blood flow to major operating organs. Similarly in a hot environment the body will dilate blood vessels nearer to the skin create sweat to allow it to cool through evaporation.

Most nutrients don't work in isolation, they depend on each other for optimum absorption and use within the body. For instance, zinc requires vitamin B6 for optimum use within the body. Therefore, supplementing with zinc in isolation will eventually cause a deficiency of vitamin B6. The Archturus products are based on naturopathic principles, but have integrated scientific research done by Dr Lawrence Plaskett. His research assures that our unique formulations are safe, gentle, balanced and based upon their complementary action at cellular level.

Our supplements work with the individual's own resources towards building the necessary blocks to regain balance. Dr Plaskett’s formulations are not based on high doses, but well balanced components. Each of our capsules contains carefully studied nutrient combinations in very safe and effective doses. This gives both the individual and the practitioner more flexibility to target their specific needs. All of our products are manufactured in the UK under Pharmaceutical Standards, using only prime quality materials. We only use those nutrient forms with proven maximum bio-availability.

We are dedicated to an increased understanding of health through a true balance.
The Archturus range gives both practitioners and patients a reliable range of multi-mineral and vitamin formulae containing the right proportions of nutrients for the most favourable results. This means that if someone has an extra requirement for a specific nutrient, the formula of choice will be designed accordingly so that the overall nutrient balance is maintained and the risks of inappropriate supplementation reduced. Supplementary nutrients make powerful and effective tools in the healing process, but only when used correctly and in the right proportions. The Archturus range provides this opportunity.
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