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Minerals at Bestcare

(LM001) £13.25
ConcenTrace is a combination of 78 trace minerals in a highly absorbable liquid form.
100ml (OR030) £39.50
Alkaline shower gel with minerals, herbal extracts, and camphor.
250g pouch (OMP250) £6.95
Organic Maca Powder 250g
90 Capsules (SGIL90) WAS £35.95
Intro Offer- 20% off RRP £28.76
Seagreens® Iodine+ (90caps -3months supply) and new Iodine Lite+ for children provide natural iodine plus the nutrients for assimilation – a positive, researched contribution to normal thyroid and cognitive function.
(SGFG100) £45.95
This mix of 3 Arctic Seagreens (Ascophyllum nodosum, Pelvetia canaliculata, and Fucus spiralis) is a balanced natural food source of all the nutrients.
100g Glass Grinder (BC070) £4.50
400g Tub (BC051) £6.95
500g Bag (BC028) £6.95
1kg Bag (BC003) £11.95
Coarse granulated Himalayan salt for use in a salt grinder.
(SGCI90) £14.95
Seagreens® classic ready-milled grains of wild Ascophyllum seaweed are used in cooking and baking, or sprinkled on almost any raw or cooked food.
60 Capsules (SGFC60) £19.96
180 Capsules (SGFC180) £56.95
A blend of 3 seaweeds providing a broad nutritional profile. A rich nutrient source of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and trace element
(SGIC60) £23.95
A single Iodine Plus capsule contains a granulated high-iodine species of Seagreens Arctic Wrack seaweed (Ascophyllum) as a balanced natural food providing about 350µg iodine per day-the body eliminates excess to requirement.
(SGSC50) £9.75
A unique multi-purpose food. These dried pieces of Seagreens wild Pelvetia Canaliculata can be milled in a table grinder or soaked in cold water for use in salads or warm vegetables, or simply chewed.
(SGMS100) £7.50
The Mineral Salt is a unique combination of Organic seaweed from Seagreens and Soil Association certified sea salt from the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, England. This 50/50 mix of Ascophyllum nodosum wrack seaweed and unrefined salt provides a healthy condiment option.
(SGPG200) £14.65
The Pet & Equine Granules are a natural dietary foundation for the prevention and treatment of many health conditions which present in animals

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