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Seagreens Information

Balanced Nutritional Supplements for You, Your Family and Your Pets


Make your diet complete with a daily dose of Seagreens®

Seagreens® seaweed, is nature’s nutrient-rich superfood that provides a natural, combination of essential minerals, fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements which fuel’s the body.

Seagreens® consists solely of organic, sustainably wild harvested, air-dried nutrient-rich seaweed, with nothing added or extracted.

Used every day, Seagreens® seaweed completes the 'partial' nutritional profile of land foods so that nothing is missed. Seagreens® seaweed supports the intricate balance of nutrients, especially micro-nutrients that we need to stay in optimum health or to help manage common health conditions that can be caused but the deficiencies of these.

Seagreens® are available in capsule form, or as a range of culinary food products.

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