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Seagreens at Bestcare

The nutritional value of food is in steep decline. An annual analysis of 72 foods between 1940 and 2002 shows an average loss of 19% magnesium, 29% calcium, 37% iron, and 62% copper. Over a similar post-War period, saturated fat in beef and chicken has risen more than 400%, whilst essential omega-3 fats critical to nervous, immune, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and eliminatory systems, have declined in the same proportion.

Seaweed responds to these concerns in numerous ways. It contains all the minerals and micronutrients missing from our soils in ideal natural proportions; it is eminently suitable for inclusion in soil, plants and animals; and as a human food ingredient, could rebalance the diet of millions of people worldwide. It is an organic, nutrient rich, low-energy food – exactly what is needed to compensate for declining levels of physical activity among most of the population.

The Ruby One
55g (STRO55) £17.95
3 aromatic seaweeds with a quarter salt; 75% dried ground Seagreens® native wild seaweeds; 25% unrefined natural Dorset sea salt. Sprinkle it on everyday foods instead of salt or replace salt in baking. Tasty enough to use by itself!
Seagreens Culinary Ingredient 90g
(SGCI90) £17.95
Seagreens® classic ready-milled grains of wild Ascophyllum seaweed are used in cooking and baking, or sprinkled on almost any raw or cooked food.
Seagreens Food Capsules
60 Capsules (SGFC60) £23.95
180 Capsules (SGFC180) £62.95
A blend of 3 seaweeds providing a broad nutritional profile. A rich nutrient source of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and trace element
Seagreens Food Granules
Food Granules 90g (SGFG100) £42.95
This mix of 3 Arctic Seagreens (Ascophyllum nodosum, Pelvetia canaliculata, and Fucus spiralis) is a balanced natural food source of all the nutrients.
Seagreens Iodine Lite +
90 Capsules (SGIL90) £39.95
Seagreens® Iodine+ (90caps -3months supply) and new Iodine Lite+ for children provide natural iodine plus the nutrients for assimilation – a positive, researched contribution to normal thyroid and cognitive function.
Seagreens Iodine Plus
(SGIC60) £25.96
A single Iodine Plus capsule contains a granulated high-iodine species of Seagreens Arctic Wrack seaweed (Ascophyllum) as a balanced natural food providing about 350µg iodine per day-the body eliminates excess to requirement.
Seagreens Mineral Salt
(SGMS100) £13.95
The Mineral Salt is a unique combination of Organic seaweed from Seagreens and Soil Association certified sea salt from the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, England. This 50/50 mix of Ascophyllum nodosum wrack seaweed and unrefined salt provides a healthy condiment option.
Seagreens Pelvetia Pieces  (Salad & Condiment) 50g
(SGSC50) £14.95
A unique multi-purpose food. These dried pieces of Seagreens wild Pelvetia Canaliculata can be milled in a table grinder or soaked in cold water for use in salads or warm vegetables, or simply chewed.
Seagreens Pet Granules
(SGPG200) £17.50
The Pet & Equine Granules are a natural dietary foundation for the prevention and treatment of many health conditions which present in animals

It was 20 years ago and Seagreens founder, Simon Ranger, was a creative director in the advertising industry, developing and managing brands. One of his clients was involved with horticultural seaweed in the north of Norway, and he had access to a lot of research data. It seemed to him that this was something that could seriously help to re-establish balance in the body, in terms of nutrition and health.

The Seagreens ethos is to know everything there is to know about this extraordinarily nutritious food – hence their obsession with research. Their aim is not to produce ‘gourmet’ seaweed; Simon’s primary interest is its value to population health and how we can use it very easily on a daily basis.

This was the logic Simon applied to develop a small, remote business harvesting wild seaweed in pristine Arctic waters, a decade ago, and more recently a small manufacturing facility in the Outer Hebrides. Today, Seagreens® is a leading seaweed brand, conducting original research with partners in medical practice, the food industry, academia and government. Together with these partners, Simon wants to see health concerns including cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer and others, tackled in the new product agenda of mainstream food retailers and manufacturers.

Bestcare has supplied Seagreens products to our customers since 2009. It was a natural choice. Seagreens is wholefood organic, alkalising supplements that can be added to any lifestyle for nutrition and balance. For more information about the products for you, your pet and your vegetable patch please browse our Seagreens pages.

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