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Seagreens Pet Granules

Seagreens Pet Granules

The Pet & Equine Granules are a natural dietary foundation for the prevention and treatment of many health conditions which present in animals.

Nutrient imbalance, micronutrient and mineral deficiencies and metabolic disorders are often rooted in inadequate natural forage, feed processing and ‘fashion’ trends in equine and pet feed formulation.

Domestic animals suffer the same kind of chronic and degenerative conditions as humans including loss of energy, diabetes and heart disease.

Like human Seagreens®, these easily digested granules help balance the animal’s metabolism, strengthen immunity, restore equilibrium and vitality and support the mineral balance in performance.

Daily feed inclusion table

Ponies & cobs up to 15 hands: 1 heaped teaspoon (5 grams)

Horses & hard working cobs over 15 hands: 2 heaped teaspoons (10 grams)

Brood mares: double the inclusion up to a maximum of 2 heaped teaspoons, returning to the normal inclusion 2 months after birth

Foals: Half a teaspoon in solid feed, gradually increasing to a teaspoon for yearlings

Dogs & cats: A quarter to half teaspoon mixed into food


Pure sustainability wild harvested Ascophyllum seaweed

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