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BestCare Products was set up in 1997 by German born husband & wife team Hermann & Nicole Keppler. Hermann Keppler ND is a qualified Naturopath, Homeopath and Nutritionist, and founder of the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Hermann, having close ties to the natural product movement in Germany, discovered Himalayan Crystal Salt and all it's health benefits which had burst onto the health scene there just a few years before. He was, and still is, a strong advocate for wholefood based products to feed to body in the correct balance and for alkalising the body. Two major contributors to bolstering the body's ability to self regulate, keep healthy and keep disease at bay. BestCare's Himalayan Crystal salt is both alkalising and contains 84 naturally occurring minerals and trace elements in the same ratios as found in the human body's blood plasma.

Hermann set about sourcing the best quality Himalayan Crystal Salt, without any additives, bleaching or other chemical cleansing processes. It is a pristine source of salt that has been enclosed in the Himalayan mountain range for millions of years and has not been exposed to modern day pollutants in the way that sea salt has. Our salt is the same quality today, 20 years later. The only processing that takes place; it is naturally dried and milled to give you the rocks, granulated or fine grades for all your culinary and health needs.

Over the years BestCare has been on the lookout for innovative ranges that fit our criteria of wholefood and alkalising from experts in a particular field and are sole distributors of Jentschura and Robert Gray, and carry other expert quality brands such as MicrOrganics and Activa, to name a few. Browse our website for more information about these.

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