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Jentschura Information

In October 1993, together with his mother Margarete and his son Robert, the druggist, industrial clerk, book author and natural scientist Peter Jentschura founded the company Jentschura International GmbH. The company premises had originally been his drugstore!

Having trained and worked as an independent chemist from 1969 to 1993 Peter saw the extreme need to reduce acidity from one’s daily lifestyle and set to work to formulate wholefood products to help swing the balance back to a more alkaline lifestyle.

Today Jentschura International GmbH is still a family run company whose philosophy is to create long term goals for the company, its employees and its products so that all factors of business benefits the areas it touches and through their overall performance bring about a better society and a better wellbeing.

Jentschura focus on environmental factors such as packing and production to ensure it has very little negative impact. All of their wholefood ingredients are sourced organic or wild where possible.

These are the reasons why Jentschura has been Bestcare’s longest running brand outside of our own Himalayan Crystal Salt. Their products are unique and innovative, have won awards in Germany and are such lovely products to use.

Unfortunately, due to modern technology and alleged progress we have drastically distanced ourselves from nature within just a few decades. Our initially alkaline-generating eating habits and lifestyles have reversed to become acid-inflated. Excessive amounts of acids and toxins are accumulated, because nowadays we consume, for example, too much animal protein, too many processed fats, too many additive-enriched ready-to-eat products, too much salt and sugar, too many white flour products etc. In addition, compared to the past, we take much less exercise or we do extreme sports. Both of these overacidify our bodies. Many people suffer from constant job-related and private stress. Environmental pollution is also on the increase.

With all of these factors in abundance it would seem that achieving an alkaline lifestyle is bordering the impossible, but not with Jentschura products and advice. Jentschura have created easy to use daily products to swing the balance of alkalinity more towards 70% intake – the ideal ratio. All natural, mostly organic wholefood ingredients and a wealth of information written by Peter Jentschura at your fingertips to help you fight off modern day ailments and diseases by giving your body the balance it needs to regenerate.

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