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Bestcare - AlkaBath Information

AlkabathAlkaBath® stimulates the skin's natural oils and at the same time cleanses the skin, making it perfectly supple.

Experience the special value of the finely ground eight precious stones agate, carneol, citrine, chrysoprase, chalcedony, sapphire, rock crystal and onyx.

AlkaBath concentrated bath salts are highly economical. For a full bath you need only three tablespoons and for a hip bath one heaped tablespoon. A heaped teaspoonful is sufficient for salt compresses, salt rinses and footbaths. Follow in the footsteps of a 1,000 year old tradition of body care!

Body care has been alkaline since the time of the Egyptians, the ancient Greeks and the Romans. These civilizations used sodium bicarbonate, milk or alkaline soaps for body care. Grandma's curd cheese compresses also belong to this tradition of alkaline body care. In former times, all care of the elderly was carried out with soft soap with pH values of greater than 9.0. AlkaBath concentrated bath salts, with a pH value of 8.0-8.5 (depending on initial value and hardness of the bath water), stands firmly in this venerable tradition.

Alkaline body care with bath-water with a pH value of 8.5. AlkaBath is extremely well suited for both full baths and hip baths. Special applications include salt socks, gloves, shirts and compresses. AlkaBath can also be used for massage, dental care and alkaline rinses. Alkaline face peeling and alkaline body care for children round out the application range. Why not try out the soothing effects of long baths in alkaline bathwater - for your feet or your whole body. Experience the feeling of well-being that caring for your skin, hands or feet with salt gloves, socks, or shirts can bring.

AlkaBath is also ideally suited for care of the genital and rectal regions in conjunction with a bidet. We recommend that the bath water be at a temperature of approximately 36-38°C and that you bathe for at least 30 minutes, but preferably for 45-60 minutes. Leaching baths lasting for hours were traditional in ancient Japan and Mexico, and are still practised in those cultures today, for the achievement of physical and spiritual well-being. Rubbing down the body every ten minutes during the bath with a granular washcloth or stiff bath brush has been shown to promote circulation and stimulate the body as a whole.

Warm, alkaline baths do both body and soul a world of good during the cold winter months. By the same token, refreshing full baths or foot baths have been shown to have beneficial effects during the warm months as well.

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