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Astaxanthin - King of the Cartenoids

Have you ever seen a salmon swimming upstream? Look at the size of the salmon above and compare their size to the force of the water coming down the river at them.

Now think about this—Salmon continue swimming up these raging rivers for up to seven days.

Let’s put this into human perspective: Take a six foot tall man and have him swim against 30 foot waves for a week straight and be able to reach his destination which is 100 miles away.

How is it possible that salmon can make this heroic swim, which certainly is the greatest athletic feat in nature? Natural Astaxanthin.

Natural Astaxanthin is found in the highest concentration in the animal kingdom in the muscles of salmon, and scientists theorize that this is what allows them to complete this epic swim. We have long known that exercise causes a great amount of oxidation in the muscles. So by concentrating the strongest anti- oxidant, Natural Astaxanthin in the muscles, the oxidation is thus prevented and the salmon are capable of doing something that seems almost impossible.

We certainly don’t want anyone to think that because we make the analogy with humans above that we’re suggesting that you run out to the health food store, buy a bottle of Natural Astaxanthin and then try to swim from New York to Paris. There is certainly sufficient evidence, both from testimonials and scientific studies, that taking 8 – 12 mg of Natural Astaxanthin per day will provide greater strength and endurance.

One story we love to tell is of Max Burdick. Max is an Ironman triathlete. For those of you who aren’t familiar with triathlons, this is an endurance sporting event where participants swim for 2.4 miles (3.9 km) and then bicycle for 112 miles (180 km). Then, instead of falling down exhausted in a hammock and taking a nap like most normal humans would do, they go out and run a 26.2 mile (42.2 km) marathon.

There are plenty of triathletes—so what’s so special about Max Burdick? Max is 78 years old.

Max was competing for years in triathlons but could never seem to finish. Halfway through the bicycling stage his legs would start to burn and he would have to stop. Max discovered Natural Astaxanthin, a brand of Natural Astaxanthin, and began supplementing with 8mg each day. It was then, at the age of 75, that Max was able to finish a triathlon. He has continued to use Nabtural Astaxanthin and nosh triathlons for the last three years, and has remained a dedicated Natural Astaxanthin user.

But Natural Astaxanthin isn’t just for helping older athletes like Max. All types of people may receive benefits like increased energy, greater stamina and Improved strength by supplementing with Astaxanthin. People that have busy schedules and would like a natural way to get more out of their day should try it; weekend warriors who want to recover faster and get back to their real jobs should also try it; and young athletes who want to excel in their sports may also benefit greatly from it.

Another triathlete who swears by Natural Astaxanthin is Tim Marr. Tim started taking Astaxanthin when he was in college and just beginning to get heavily involved in endurance events. He said that, even with a student’s merger finances, he still knew that Natural Astaxanthin was well worth the investment.

As of the writing of this book, Tim is 32 years old and just coming into his peak years as a triathlete—and he’s winning competitions. Among many other frist place finnishes, Tim won the Pan American Long Distance Triathlon World Championship.

Tim says, “Natural Astaxanthin is one of my favorite tools as a professional athlete.”
Excerpt from Book - Natural Astaxanthin By Bob Capelli with Dr. Gerald Cysewski

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