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500g (OR014) WAS £13.45
40% off £8.07
1kg (OR015) £25.75 Out of Stock
2kg (OR016) £46.50
Millet and buckwheat porridge with fruit and seeds. Ensure your day gets off to a good start with this alkaline-generating, highly nutritional MorgenStund breakfast. A treat for the whole family and one which strengthens the body's defences and promotes stamina and concentration.
(WB001) WAS £25.50
30% off Activa £17.84
Well-Being Circulation, is a natural, all-around solution with an 8-hour extended release formulation for lighter legs and improved circulation throughout the day.
240g (UBF001) £24.95
3 x 240g (UBF001a) WAS £74.85
Bulk Offer £59.88
The superfoods contained within the Uberfood have been chosen for their outstanding vitamin and mineral content. In one 8 gram dose of Uberfood you’ll get 15% or more of several of the essential vitamins and minerals your body minimally requires each day. By adding Uberfood to your daily routine you will boost your nutritional intake alongside a healthy and varied diet.
(WB011) WAS £29.95
30% off Activa £20.96
Out of Stock
Active Well-being presents a 100% natural complex of Spirulina and cress in their patented Microgranular that allows for optimal bio-availability and bio-compatibility for real efficacy
(WB002) WAS £31.50
30% off Activa £22.04
A cocktail of carefully selected ingredients to: Promote elimination of accumulated toxins Purify and revitalize the body, naturally Helps your body overcome the effects of changing seasons, overindulging and extreme fatigue 100% natural ingredients, no colorants and no GMOs Microgranules for controlled release of the active ingredients
(WB003) WAS £25.50
30% off Activa £17.84
The natural solution for digestive comfort, every day Indigestion causing heartburn, stomach ache, gas and bloating Relaxing, sedative soothing and antispasmodic properties. 100% natural active ingredients, no colorants and no GMOs
(WB008) WAS £25.50
30% off Activa £17.84
Well-Being Elimination improves urinary tract health and has an 8-hour extended release formula to help reduce recurrent urinary discomfort. 100% natural active ingredients, no colorants and no GMOs
(WB005) WAS £25.50
30% off Activa £17.84
The natural response for the promotion of gastric well-being when faced on a daily basis with gastric acidity, with digestive disorders, with difficulty digesting, with a physiological pH imbalance in the stomach. Helps maintain the acid-base balance in the stomach. 100 natural-source.
(WB004) WAS £31.50
30% off Activa £22.04
Recreating harmony for women Reduces the unpleasant symptoms experienced by women before, during and after menopause, Anti-oxidant properties, Appetite regulator, 100% natural active ingredients,no colorants and no GMOs.

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