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Himalayan Crystal Salt - Granulated

Himalayan Crystal Salt - Granulated
100g Glass Grinder

400g Tub

500g Bag

1kg Bag

Coarse granulated Himalayan salt for use in a salt grinder. Perfect for those who prefer grinding their own salt. Crushed from the larger stones, they are a visual and culinary enhancement to any meal.

The Earth has plentiful resources of salt, not only in the oceans, but also in the form of rocks. In contrast to sea salt, the salt in rock, hidden in the belly of the Earth, was protected to a large extent from environmental influences. The decisive factor in the formation of pure, natural crystal salt is the pressure to which the salt was subjected for millions of years. Crystal salts from the Himalayas are today considered to be the highest quality grade salts, because of the enormous pressure forces during their creation. The typical composition of the Himalayan salt is made up of 84 different minerals .

Bestcare's Himalayan crystal salt has been ethically sourced to bring the highest grade of salt to your table.

Bestcare's Himalayan crystal salt is approved by the Organic Farmers & Growers as an ingredient for use in organic processing and can be used as a natural alternative to processed Sodium Chloride (common table salt).

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100% Himalayan Crystal Salt

No anti-caking agents or preservatives added

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