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Seagreens Pelvetia Pieces (Salad & Condiment) 50g

Seagreens Pelvetia Pieces  (Salad & Condiment) 50g

A unique multi-purpose food. These dried pieces of Seagreens wild Pelvetia Canaliculata can be milled in a table grinder or soaked in cold water for use in salads or warm vegetables, or simply chewed. They complement herbs and spices and are an ideal mineral-balanced alternative to table salt. Try mixing with unrefined salt, herbs and spices adding a nutritious taste of the wild to many different foods. Wild organic seaweed collected in crystal clear Arctic waters for cooking and seasoning" - Harper's Bazaar.


100% Organic wild seaweed from Scotland. Large cut pieces of Seagreens arctic fresh pelvetia seaweed

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