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Himalayan Crystal Salt & Seaweed

Himalayan Crystal Salt & Seaweed


Our unique Himalayan Salt and Seaweed, which is a mixture of 20% Natural Organic Seagreens® seaweed and Himalayan Crystal Salt. We have put together this new product with the focus on both flavour and healthy nutrition. It has been known for many years that no other natural food has such a complete balance of minerals, trace elements and all the other micro-nutrients like Seaweed does. Similarly Himalayan crystal salt is an exceptionally mineral-rich whole food that is 100% natural, unrefined and unpolluted.

Through scientific research they have found that we should use at lease 1gram of seaweed a day to allow for the nutrient imbalance in our daily diets. With our new seaweed and Himalayan salt you would be getting 1g of seaweed for every 5g of Himalayan Salt and Seaweed you use. Which is why this product is not only tasty but also exceptionally good value.

This shaker is small enough to carry in your bag, for use when out.


100% Himalayan Crystal Salt & Seaweed

Contains no caking agents or additives

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