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Bestcare - Why Are The Archturus Special Formulations So Good?

Why Are The Archturus Special Formulations So Good?

Most nutrients don't work in isolation, they depend on each other for optimum absorption and use within the body. For example, Zinc requires vitamin B6 for optimum use within the body. Therefore, supplementing with zinc in isolation will eventually cause a deficiency of vitamin B6.

Many people however, are unaware of this fact and often read about a specific nutrient, buy it in their local health food shop, and the result is inappropriate and out-of-balance supplementation. The Archturus Formulae are designed to take account of the complex interactions between nutrients so that the best possible results can be achieved.

The Archturus range gives both practitioners and patients a reliable range of multi-mineral and vitamin formulae containing the right proportions of nutrients for the most favourable results. This means that if someone has an extra requirement for a specific nutrient, the formula of choice will be designed accordingly so that the overall nutrient balance is maintained and the risks of inappropriate supplementation reduced. Supplementary nutrients make powerful and effective tools in the healing process, but only when used correctly and in the right proportions. The Archturus range provides this opportunity.

The formulae provide a convenient way to take several nutrients at once, reducing the need for many different bottles or jars of individual nutrients. This in turn makes it a more economical way to supplement the diet.

They are free of commonly used additives, such as binders, fillers, flow agents, some of which may cause allergic reactions and can upset the overall balance of nutrients.

The formulae are encapsulated, rather than made into tablets. This makes them easier to swallow and they are likely to be absorbed easier. Both the contents and capsules are vegan.

All the minerals within the formulae are in the citrate form, such as calcium citrate, magnesium citrate etc. for increased absorption. Citrates do not upset the stomach like some other types of inorganic minerals.

The comprehensive range of formulae allow great flexibility within treatment, since specific nutrients can be increased and highlighted as appropriate, without losing the fundamental balance of the whole.
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