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Bestcare - Why should we take Nutritional Supplements?

Why should we take Nutritional Supplements?

Many people question the need for taking vitamins and minerals, whilst others swear by the increased sense of well-being they feel as they follow a regular supplementation programme. We also hear that taking supplements gives us ‘expensive urine’ and that a ‘well balanced diet’ provides all the nutrients our body needs. So, what are we supposed to do?

If our vitality is strong and vibrant our bodies are able to resist the accumulation of toxins so that we remain in good health. But this vitality can all too often be depressed by many factors such as poor diet, stressful jobs, financial difficulties, unhappy relationships... the list is very long, especially in the fast–paced, convenience–driven world we live in.

Toxins are all around us, in the environment, in food and in water. The immune system defends us against invading organisms but in doing this it produces harmful substances. Metabolising food to produce energy also generates a degree of toxicity. The colon can be another major source of ‘pollution’, particularly in western diets. Many people have inherited toxicity through their parents and some people have weak constitutions or weak organs which concentrate toxicity more readily.

When the environment we work in is depressed or stressed, toxins accumulate more readily and the production of energy within the cells is badly affected. As all the cells in the body try very hard to expel toxins they use high levels of vitamins and minerals as their fuel. The nutrients make a direct and strong attack on toxins. This in turn means that more energy is produced further enhancing a person’s vitality. This leads us back to good, vibrant health.

Health can be improved by influencing by both reducing the levels of toxicity coming into the body from the diet and the environment and is also helped by supplying plentiful amounts of minerals and vitamins.

As Nutritionists, our preferred route is to give the body a plentiful supply of minerals and vitamins so that it can fight toxicity and break down the vicious cycle of ill health and chronicity many people are locked into.

The fight against toxicity is not a ‘one off’ cleansing which one does every month or every year, but a constant balancing act. In simple terms we could say that the difference between health and disease is directly related to the levels of toxicity you carry in your body—the lighter the load, the more robust your health will be and the more vital you will feel!

We can all enhance our health by taking these simple steps:

• Consume a wholesome diet.
• Take good levels of minerals and vitamins to help in the fight against toxicity and to rectify any nutritional
deficiencies that may be present.
• Improve bowel conditions by taking a good bowel flora supplement.
• Reducing the levels of stress in our lives.
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