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Benefits of Chlorella, Spirulina, Wheatgrass and Barley Grass


Super Green Foods - the ideal nutrition

Green foods, such as our chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass and barley grass, have been harvested for many years and in the 21st century they are increasingly valued as a rich source of highly nutritious bioavailable whole food. These plants are packed with hundreds of macronutrients, micronutrients, minerals, vitamins and protein, including all the essential amino acids, which work in great synergy to exert their significant nutritional benefit. In an era where lifestyles are stressful and a normal diet consists mainly of the consumption of highly industrialised processed foods overloaded with cheap "empty" calories and depleted of any goodness - not to mention the synthetically manufactured artificial supplements - these green whole foods are truly a miracle green food that help face the challenges and stress of a modern lifestyle.

From dietary balance to nutritional support..

But they are much more than a functional complete food providing just nutritional benefits. If we look at the conditions helped by our green wholefoods, we are told by many of customers that their symptoms disappear not because we are treating the disease, but because we are supplying a high-grade nutrient that nourishes and strengthens the body so it may heal itself in the best holistic way possible.

Over the years, extensive scientific research, numerous clinical studies and empirical evidence (and of course users' experiences and testimonies) have shown an extraordinary array of health benefits associated by the use of chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass, barley grass and other green foods, in general. Some of our customer reported benefits include:

  • Natural detoxification and cleansing
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Cell rejuvenation
  • Weight management
  • Digestion and bowel function improvement
  • Balancing pH
  • Cardiovascular health

Natural detoxification and cleansing

In a world infested with pollution, pesticides and food additives, there is a desire to remove these toxins from out bodies. The cleansing effects of green foods are well known, as testified by many users as well the conclusion of many scientific studies and research over many years.

This cleansing effect is largely due to the high content of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a powerful builder of the haemoglobin in the blood and a cleanser of the bloodstream, bowel and liver: it may help remove toxic substances from the internal organs, thereby allowing a natural healing process to occur.

Chlorella may have the ability to detoxify heavy metals and pesticides from the body, this is well reported: this is due to not only the high levels of chlorophyll but also to the composition of its cell walls. These have been shown to have three layers of which the thicker middle layer contains cellulose microfibrils and the outer layer a polymerised carotenoid material. It may be this cellular material that first binds the toxic material to it and then eliminates from the body. Scientists say that chlorella cells have been shown to bind strongly to mercury, cadmium, arsenic, copper, PCB, uranium, lead, cobalt, etc.

Boosts the immune system

Every minute of the day, thousands of battles rage inside your body. Millions of microscopic foreign invaders, whether they be bacteria, viruses, chemicals or foreign proteins, are trying to penetrate your cells, while your body's hyperactive immune system struggles to fight them. If the invaders win, the result can be a lingering cold or it could be a chronic illness that severely limits your enjoyment of life. Or, in extreme cases, it could be cancer or some other fatal disease.

Green whole foods exhibit impressive immune stimulating and boosting properties and they are likely due to a variety of nutritional components, including:

Gamma Linolenic Acid - GLA is not only known for regulating blood sugar and providing important nutrients to the brain; it also exhibits immune-boosting properties

Polysaccharides - polysaccharides have been shown to stimulate the activity of macrophages and T-cells by increasing the levels of interferon (a natural anti-cancer and anti-viral agent in the body)

Chlorella Growth Factor - CGF also aids immunity as it stimulates healing and replacement of cellular tissue

Phycocyanin - it has been shown to increase lymphocyte activity; phycocyanin probably prevents a host of degenerative organ diseases by boosting immunity

Beta carotene - with the greatest vitamin A activity and antioxidant activity of all the carotenoids, known to greatly enhance the immune system and destroy cancer cells.

Cell rejuvenation

Human RNA/DNA production slows down progressively as people age, resulting in lower levels of vitality and increased vulnerability to various diseases. Free radicals are also responsible for damage to the DNA. When our RNA and DNA are in good repair and able to function most efficiently, our bodies are able to use nutrients more effectively, get rid of toxins and avoid disease. Cells are able to repair themselves and the energy level and vitality of the whole body is raised.

It had been thought that brewer's yeast was the highest RNA food but then it was found out that sardines were 10 times higher (with 343mg per 100 grams). Chlorella is 10 times higher than sardines with 3g RNA per 100 grams! Both chlorella and spirulina contain high levels nucleic acids, RNA and DNA, and a specific compound unique to chlorella, called Chlorella Growth Factor or CGF. Eating foods high in nucleic acids provides the material for the repair and production of cellular nucleic acids that can counter the "ageing" process.

Much has also been written recently about the role of antioxidant nutrients: vitamins C, E and beta carotene. Antioxidants sop up rogue oxygen atoms, called free radicals, that some researchers believe roam through the bloodstream, wreacking havoc on cells and organs and increasing ageing effects and the risks of cancer.

Anti-ageing foods and supplements for older people who don't eat much, eat inappropriately, or can't absorb enough nutrients will probably be in the form of high-nutrient foods. This practically describes spirulina and chlorella: digestible whole foods with the highest natural beta-carotene level of any food and with far greater antioxidant properties than any synthetic beta carotene.

Weight management

One of the reasons why chlorella and spirulina may be such an effective addition to any weight-management program is the fact that it stimulates peristalsis in the intestines. Sluggish digestion is often one of the contributing causes of unwanted weight gain and obesity. When the digestive system is functioning properly, the body can effectively eliminate the excess material that contributes to unwanted weight gain. The beneficial effects of chlorella and spirulina on the peristaltic action of the intestines may assist in the cleansing action that is so vital to this process.

In addition, since hunger is registered in the brain whenever blood glucose or amino acid reserves are low. Chlorella and spirulina are a highly concentrated source of protein containing polysaccharides that raise the blood glucose levels and also activate a sluggish metabolism. These green foods are easily assimilated by the body providing the real food it needs, thus reducing the cravings that lead to "eating binges".

Much has also been written about the ability of the amino acids phenylalanine and tyrosine to influence the neurotransmitters in the brain, particularly those that control ambition, mood and appetite. Both spirulina and chlorella contain phenylalanine and tyrosine which synthesize brain hormones which in turn can suppress hunger in some people.

Of course, true weight loss won't occur from simply consuming these super green foods: they only create the proper environment for weight loss and they work with other natural foods to accelerate this process. A person must still alter their diet and take up a habit of regular physical exercise.

Digestion & bowel function improvement

In the modern low-fibre diet, wastes can accumulate in pockets in the colon. Never removed, these wastes can lead to constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence, weakened digestion, poor nutrient absorption, and in later life, colon cancer, one of the most common cancers today. These problems increase with age, as seniors will confirm. Proper bowel elimination rids the body of the toxins and bacteria, ultimately helping you to feel well.

Our super green foods can do wonders for the bowel. Chlorella and spirulina are described as a ‘metabolic activators', which act directly on the body tissues at the cellular level to promote increased activity to ‘burn up' muco-forming substances and support healthy intestinal flora. They also contain digestive enzymes, such as chlorophyllase and pepsin, which our bodies need. Lastly, they contain dietary protein and fibre, which help ease constipation, and lipid complex and chlorophyll, which aid bowel movements by accelerating cholesterol excretion and secretion of bile acids. The chlorophyll found in chlorella and spirulina is the most powerful cleansing agent found in nature; as it begins to detoxify the bowel, it may also detoxify the liver and bloodstream by emptying toxins out of the body tissues into the lymph, it stimulates the growth of friendly lactic bacteria and it soothes irritated tissue along the bowel wall.

People taking spirulina and chlorella often notice an immediate change in bowel regularity and elimination. Both foods suppress bad bacteria, like e-coli and candida yeast, provide good gut flora support and stimulation, like lactobactillus and bifidobacteria. Healthy lactobactillus in the intestines provides humans with three major benefits: better digestion and absorption, protection from infection and immune system stimulation.

Balancing pH

pH is a reference to the state of alkalinity or acidity in the body . Because of poor diet or junk food, overcooked, processed foods, fast foods and soft drinks, most of us are not pH balanced and we are too acidic. An environment in the body which is too acidic creates an opportunity for pathogens (bacteria, viruses and fungus) to survive, reduces the level of oxygen allowing cancer cells to thrive, depletes the minerals from the body's bones leading to osteoporosis and can create tissue damage in our arteries which can lead to heart disease and stroke.

Super green foods can be used as pH balancing foods. Chlorella itself is around 7 in the pH scale, more or less the same as pure water. Green food supplements are rich in minerals which the body uses to buffer an acidic system. They are alkaline foods and their consumption has been linked to increased bone mass, improved immune function, kidney function, higher energy levels and lower allergic response levels.

Cardiovascular health

Our super green foods are the richest natural sources of chlorophyll, which has a structure almost identical to that of haemoglobin. Chlorophyll cells have a magnesium molecule at the centre and this mineral is essential for the heart to function properly. Chlorella is also a good source of Omega-3 oils, which are known to protect against heart disease. Research programs and anecdotal evidence by many users indicate that regular use of chlorella, spirulina barley grass and wheatgrass may help guard against heart disease, reduce high blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels.

Other health benefits

Super green foods have demonstrated their effectiveness as health builders and many different benefits have been reported by either individual regular users or by scientists and health practitioners and physicians prescribing these foods to their clients and patients. They do physiologically make sense if one considers all the bioavailable nutrients provided in them, and on and on.

May help:

  • Increase stamina and energy
  • Aid stomach ulcers
  • Eliminate bad breath (halitosis)
  • Reduce fibromyalgia
  • Reduce neuralgia
  • Fight gum diseases
  • Help control diabetes
  • Lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Fight arthritis
  • Help control blood sugar levels (hypoglycaemia)
  • Reduce rheumatism
  • Sharpen memory
  • Heal wounds
  • Promote healthy skin, hair and nails
  • Help combat anaemia
  • Fight degenerative diseases
  • Help prevent depression
  • Reduce premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • Reduce radiation sickness

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