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Bestcare - Why Crash Diets Don't Work

Dieting & SpirulinaAlthough health professionals warn of the dangers of crash diets, many people still use them. For someone who is a hundred pounds or so overweight, it can be disheartening to try to lose weight gradually, and so people take all sorts of drastic measures to lose as much weight as possible as quickly as possible – often with little thought for the body's nutritional needs.

We highly recommend that people do not go on crash diets, but if they do they must realize the importance of taking food supplements. The concentrated nutrition of Spirulina can certainly help to counteract such an assault on the body by providing much of the nutrition that the body needs.

Unfortunately, even when people lose weight on crash diets, they usually put the weight back on again rather quickly when they go off the diet. Losing and gaining weight constantly puts a strain on the system and is not recommended for good health.

Healthy and Safe Dieting

With Spirulina you can maintain high energy levels and know that you are getting the benefit of a super-nutritious food without consuming a lot of calories or fat: There are less than four calories in a gram of Spirulina. Take at least six tablets or a teaspoon of powder, which is roughly three grams, about an hour before meals.

This helps to satisfy the appetite and reduce cravings. For some, taking Spirulina also reduces the desire for sweets and fried foods. You may want to experiment until you find the amount and the schedule that works best for you. If you tend to eat throughout the day, try taking a few tablets three times a day. If you eat more in the evenings, you may want to take all your Spirulina powder or tablets about an hour before dinner, or even after dinner. Using Spirulina to help satisfy your appetite is a healthy and safe way to lose weight. Of course, we are not suggesting that you can eat junk food and make it all right by adding Spirulina.

The rules of a healthy diet still apply: Eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains; and cut down on fats, sugars, and processed foods. Eating smaller portions is obviously the key to losing weight, and this is where Spirulina helps. Eating slowly and chewing each mouthful thoroughly also helps.


No health program is complete without exercise. Exercise keeps the heart strong, increases strength, helps us to release toxins, and is essential to lose fat and build muscle. It also speeds up the metabolism, making it easier to burn calories and lose weight. And of course, it makes us look and feel better, with more energy and stamina.

It is important to try to find a type of exercise that you enjoy. What is easy and fun for one person is extremely difficult and dull for another. The more you enjoy exercising, the more likely you are to stick with it. It doesn't have to be conventional exercise either. Belly dancing or karate may be much more appealing to chronic non-exercisers than jogging or aerobics. And remember that Spirulina can give you the energy to make exercise more enjoyable.

Excerpted the book SPIRULINA: Nature’s Superfood By Kelly Moorhead and Bob Capelli with Dr. Gerald R. Cysewski

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