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Activa Well-Being at Bestcare

Activa Well-Being, from our French neighbours, Laboratiores Activa, bring cutting edge technology and science to every product they produce. Each capsule contains microgranule technology which coats the active ingredient for sustained and controlled release into the digestive tract. Depending on the product, release can be slowly released, delayed or have more the one release stage. These microgranules also buffer the ingredients from the stomach acid thus ensuring that 96% of the active ingredients are protected ready for absorption.

All of the Activa Well-Being products have been designed with synergy in mind. Ingredients have been chosen for the efficacy and absorption to make sure you get the most benefit. All these factors mean that less needs to be taken because it is more bioavailable. The Activa Well-Being products do not fight against a symptom, but seek to strengthen the body's natural self-regulation so that it recovers all its vitality.

All natural with some help from science!
Activa Well-Being Immunity
(WB007) £36.00
Natural, all-round action to keep you healthy throughout the winter and during seasonal changes. 100% natural active ingredients. No colorants and no GMOs. To be used preventively before the winter or as a course of treatment during winter. Helps the body cope with seasonal changes. Suitable for all age groups, including children, teenagers and the elderly.
Activa Well-Being Circulation
(WB001) £25.50
Well-Being Circulation, is a natural, all-around solution with an 8-hour extended release formulation for lighter legs and improved circulation throughout the day.
Activa Well-Being Spirulina
(WB011) £29.95
Active Well-being presents a 100% natural complex of Spirulina and cress in their patented Microgranular that allows for optimal bio-availability and bio-compatibility for real efficacy
Activa Well-Being Detox
(WB002) £31.50
A cocktail of carefully selected ingredients to: Promote elimination of accumulated toxins Purify and revitalize the body, naturally Helps your body overcome the effects of changing seasons, overindulging and extreme fatigue 100% natural ingredients, no colorants and no GMOs Microgranules for controlled release of the active ingredients
Activa Well-Being Digestion
(WB003) £25.50
The natural solution for digestive comfort, every day Indigestion causing heartburn, stomach ache, gas and bloating Relaxing, sedative soothing and antispasmodic properties. 100% natural active ingredients, no colorants and no GMOs
Activa Well-Being Elimination
(WB008) £25.50 Out of Stock
Well-Being Elimination improves urinary tract health and has an 8-hour extended release formula to help reduce recurrent urinary discomfort. 100% natural active ingredients, no colorants and no GMOs
Activa Well-Being Gastric
(WB005) £25.50
The natural response for the promotion of gastric well-being when faced on a daily basis with gastric acidity, with digestive disorders, with difficulty digesting, with a physiological pH imbalance in the stomach. Helps maintain the acid-base balance in the stomach. 100 natural-source.
Activa Well-Being Man
(WB006) £27.50
Once men enter their 50’s, many have difficulty with bladder control or urgency/frequency both day and night. These irritating symptoms are caused by an aging prostate gland. An all-round natural solution for urinary well-being and comfort. Prostate function 100% natural active ingredients no colorants and no GMOs
Activa Well-Being Sleep
(WB010) £36.00
Well-Being Sleep is an ideal combination of natural ingredients to promote sleep, calming action, helps digestion to sleep better, prevents night time wakening. 50% immediate release and 50% extended release 2 X 4 hours of efficiency
Activa Well-Being Woman
(WB004) £31.50 Out of Stock
Recreating harmony for women Reduces the unpleasant symptoms experienced by women before, during and after menopause, Anti-oxidant properties, Appetite regulator, 100% natural active ingredients,no colorants and no GMOs.
Activa Well-Being Vitality
(WB009) £25.50 Out of Stock
Well-Being Vitality is an ideal combination of natural ingredients to replenish the body’s resources, packaged in an 8-hour extended release formulation for all-day efficacy. Revitalises, stimulates and strengthens the body 100% natural active ingredients, no colorants and no GMOs

Laboratoires Activa, manufacturers of the Activa Well-Being range, has been leading the way in natural food supplements in France since the 1980s. In the 1990s they created their first laboratory to expand into the science of supplementation. High on their remit was the research into bioavailability – making sure the maximum effect was achieved by allowing the body to absorb as much active ingredient as could be made available.

Due to this science their products are cutting edge. The formulas have been designed to release at the right times for maximum effect and potency, the ingredients chosen for their synergy in tackling symptoms all naturally. This means fewer dosages to achieve a better result – 1 microgranule capsule is equal to 5 standard powder filled capsules.

Today Laboratiores Activa supply many French pharmacies with natural solutions and have a global market for their fantastic products.

At Bestcare we like science backed natural products and that is why we felt that the Activa Well-being range added something unique to our existing ranges. Browse the Well-Being pages to find out more about the individual products and what they can do.
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