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Activa Well-Being Elimination

Activa Well-Being Elimination
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Well-Being Elimination improves urinary tract health with 100% natural active ingredients, no colorants and no GMOs.

It has an 8-hour extended release formula to help reduce recurrent urinary discomfort.

Well-Being Elimination is a special combination of 4 plants to optimize urinary health:

  • Couch grass is both diuretic and purgative. It promotes the natural elimination and dissolution of gall stones and cleanses the urinary tract. It can also be used to alleviate water retention.
  • Heather is particularly recommended for the treatment and prevention of acute and chronic urinary infections.
  • Cranberry helps both prevent and treat urinary infections.
  • White nettle supplies much-needed minerals and generally enhances urinary health. 


  • Couch grass,
  •  Heather,
  •  White Nettle
  • Cranberry.

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