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Alkalising at Bestcare - Page 2 -

(SGPG200) WAS £17.50
Father's Day 20% Off £14.00
The Pet & Equine Granules are a natural dietary foundation for the prevention and treatment of many health conditions which present in animals
(OR019) £22.50
The acidity of urine, saliva, beverages and other liquids can be easily and quickly measured using pH indicator strips.
(OR020) £26.50
Fleece masks to be used with AlkaBath® bath salts to make an alkaline mask.
50 Teabags (OR017) £19.95 Out of Stock
100 Teabags (OR018) £34.95 Out of Stock
A balanced mixture of herbs AlkaHerb herbal tea contains 49 herbs, seeds, roots, fruits and flowers, as well as plenty of trace elements and minerals. Many wild herbs are used in the mixture. The balanced herbal formula of AlkaHerb herbal tea gives the product an excellent taste.
(OR008) £59.50 Out of Stock
In naturopathy the feet are considered to be "auxiliary kidneys". They allow the excretion of acids and toxic substances through the skin according to the principle of osmosis. The Excretion of acids and toxic and harmful substances is performed very intensively through the skin of the feet and legs.

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