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Jentschura Alkaline Stockings

Jentschura Alkaline Stockings
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In naturopathy the feet are considered to be "auxiliary kidneys". They allow the excretion of acids and toxic substances through the skin according to the principle of osmosis. The Excretion of acids and toxic and harmful substances is performed very intensively through the skin of the feet and legs.

To Use:

  • Sprinkle and thoroughly dissolve one level teaspoon of AlkaBath Bath Salts in about ½ litre of hot water
  • Place the thin inner stockings in the solution until they are thoroughly soaked
  • Firmly wring out the inner stockings until they do not drip any more
  • Put on the moist inner stockings and then the dry outer stockings

The use of a hot-water bottle is recommended to keep your feet warm.

The inner stockings should be washed after each use.


Contents: 1 pair of inner stockings 100% cotton and 1 pair of outer stockings 100% virgin wool.
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