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Enema Kit 1 Litre Capacity

Enema Kit 1 Litre Capacity
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A high quality medical grade enema kit made available for personal use. Basic colonic irrigation in the privacy of your own home.

An enema is a simple and natural means of cleaning out the large, hollow muscular tube, which is the colon or large intestine.

In a healthy colon, absorption of vital minerals and nutrients takes place through the colon wall and beneficial immune-boosting bacteria flourish. However the colon can become a collecting pool for toxins, especially if it is not evacuated regularly.

Enemas can be used to help give relief when on the Robert Gray Intestinal Cleansing program

Further information & instructions for use.


Our enema kit comes with:
  • a 1L hard shell bucket
  • the flexible enema aid (bowel tube)
  • stopcock
  • the shorter enema tube for the rectum.
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